Why do you want to lose weight?

by | Jul 1, 2017

I’m going to cut straight to the chase with a pretty big question today: why do you really want to lose weight?

You probably already know the answer to that without having to think too much about it, right?

I used to believe that losing weight would help solve a lot of things going on in my life, and I know that many of the women I’ve coached over the years have felt exactly the same way.

We’re the people who deeply believed that if we could just get our weight under control, then everything else in our lives will get better, too.

I believed that if I could just lose weight:

Then I would be more confident

Then I would be happier

Then I would be more sociable

Then I would get that dream job

Then I will meet the person of my dreams…

…then, then, then, then…

Don’t get me wrong, these are all great things that many of us want to attain in our lives (and if you don’t, that’s fine too!)

But none of these things have anything at all to do with our weight.

It’s a pretty common belief that if we looked like a Victoria Secret’s model, we’d magically become happy, confident, and ‘perfect’.

It’s actually not our fault that we feel this way. We’re bombarded with these messages from so many angles: multi-billion pound industries rely on us buying into this idea and believing that life will be better if only we were thinner, and willing to lose weight, at whatever cost.

But what if this happiness we’re seeking actually has nothing to do with weight, and was more to do with how we think and feel?

When I work with the women I coach, I like to completely turn the dieting concept on its head, and use what I like to call the anti-diet approach.

We all know by now that diets don’t work. We’ve tried them long enough to know this, so isn’t it time to try something different?

I get my clients to start living life as though they are already their “goal” weight. They start doing the things they were putting off until they had lost weight. This has included finally booking that holiday to go to the beach with their kids, and applying for that dream job that they’ve been waiting on for years.

I think it’s easy to blame our weight for a lot of things. It’s something to hide behind, an excuse for a life half-lived, and a shield for not being brave enough to do the things we really want to do.

I know I did.

I would say, “oh well yes obviously I would too..if I were thinner”.

But all those things you want, or want to do, have literally nothing to do with your weight.There is nothing stopping you from doing them now.

So, what I suggest you do is this:

Write a list of all the things you have planned for when you lose weight, and then actually start doing those things.

Slowly. Just one by one, week by week.

And you will see a funny thing. Start living your life, stop worrying about your weight so much, and ironically, you may even lose more weight than when you were fixated on it.

Women who stop waiting for their life to begin when they’re thin are happier and more fulfilled. So come on, what are you waiting for?

Margie x