by | Jul 27, 2017

Margie’s castaway this week is Zanna Van Dijk.

Zanna is a blogger, personal trainer and fitness model with over 170,000 followers on Instagram. At the age of 24 she has accomplished more than most of her age – she has walked in London Fashion week, has her own range of active wear and a fitness events company. She released her first book last year and has graced the cover of numerous magazines as well as being appointed the first ever UK ambassador for Adidas.

I ask Zanna about the secrets to her success, we talk about the reponsibilities that come with having such a huge following and the idea of an “overnight success”. As someone in the fitness industry I was really interested to talk to Zanna about her love of food, what she loves to eat and how she came to choose the recipes for her book.

Zanna’s choice of final meal before heading off to the desert island completely took me by surprise and you will hear me silent with laughter – if such a thing is possible. There are some goodies in here and I hope you enjoy!

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See you next week! Margie x


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