by | Jul 14, 2017

Margie’s castaway this week is Struan Robertson.

Struan is the Head butcher and co owner of The Provenance Meat Company .

Struan gave up his job in advertising to train as a butcher and then, after honing his butchery skills he went on to co found the award winning butcher, Provenance. They have just opened their 3rd store in London – which in less than 4 years is quite remarkable.

I’ve known Struan for a long time now and he is one of the nicest , and hardest working people I know – so it was actually a real treat to get to sit down with him and ask him the sorts of questions we probably don’t ask our friends enough!

I love the idea of beign an eater not a foodie and I think I definitely fall into that category too. I also love his tip about not being afraid to ask your butcher for advice and tips.

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Margie x


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