Hi I’m Margie

I’m a certified NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, eating psychology & self-esteem coach & creator of Love the Skin You’re In™.

Imagine if you could eat whatever you want, whenever you wanted, without feeling the slightest bit of guilt?

I coach women from all over the world and have helped countless women to change the way they feel about themselves. I can teach you the tools and techniques to change the limiting thoughts, the unhelpful habits, the negative self-talk that has been holding you back and together we can put the years of yo-yo dieting, tears, and unhappiness behind you!

Through my personal experiences and my professional training, I bring a unique set of skills and experience which produce rapid and lasting changes for my clients.

I coach women both on a 1:1 basis and through my online course to find complete freedom around food and to completely fall back in love with both food and their bodies.

Before, after and now

I used to think losing weight had all the answers but now, I don’t diet, I eat what I like, I don’t exercise excessively but I like to stay active and I don’t deny myself anything.

When I started to change my relationship with food and my body, amazing things happened:

I stopped feeling crazy around food

My cravings disappeared and I no longer obsessed over certain food

I could go to parties and not worry about bingeing

I no longer obsessed about how my body looked

I no longer cared what I weigh

I finally felt comfortable in my own skin

Other areas of my life improved hugely as a result of my new sense of self.

Discover my signature 6 week course

Over the years I have helped hundreds of women from all over the world find their own food freedom, break free from food obsessions, emotional eating and binging whilst learning to love the skin they’re in.